Septic: From A to Z

Septic System Installation Designs That Deal With Low Water Tables

If you live in an area with a shallow water table, installing a septic system can be challenging. Therefore, you may need to consider some of the alternative solutions and septic system designs. These can include mound systems or aerobic septic tank designs. The following septic system designs may be needed for shallow water tables:

Aerobic Septic Systems

The first option to consider for your septic system installation is an aerobic waste treatment system. These are specially designed septic systems that use the active bacteria in waste to break down solids. This is done by introducing air to the tank, which allows bacteria to thrive and aids in breaking down solid waste. These are usually multiple tank designs that allow waste to be treated before it is delivered to the drain field.

Mound Drain Fields

The septic drain field is another important component of your septic system design. These mound systems are built up above the existing soil to provide more distance from the drain tile to the water table. This can provide a better solution for the filtering of the waste through the soil. They can also include a liner or a filtration medium to help protect groundwater supplies from contamination. The filtration medium provides an extra barrier for waste effluent to filter through before it reaches the groundwater.

Lined Drain Fields  

Your septic system can also use liners for the drain field design. These solutions may be needed if aerobic treatment tanks and mound drain fields aren't enough. The drain field area can be lined before it is installed to prevent the wastewater effluent from percolating into the groundwater supplies. This is the best solution to ensure groundwater supplies don't get contaminated. If your property also uses a water well, this may be the best solution for the septic system installation for your home.

Secondary Treatment Tanks

In addition to the other solutions, there are also options for secondary tanks. These are additional treatment tanks that help separate the sludge and effluent. It can improve the design of your waste treatment system and reduce problems with shallower water tables. These can be secondary pump tanks, effluent tanks, or part of an aerobic septic system design. You want to talk to your septic system contractor about options for secondary tanks that can be installed with your system.

Septic system installations may require alternative designs to deal with problems like shallow water tables. Contact a septic system installation service to discuss some of these options for your property.