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4 Critical Signs It Is Time To Call Professionals For Emergency Drain Cleaning

Beneath your home lies a network of drain lines and water pipes that work to ensure wastewater gets redirected from your home to the septic tank or main sewer line. Unfortunately, it's easy to ignore the sleeping heroes and get caught suddenly by faulty drain issues. While some drain issues can wait for a regular plumber, some need an immediate response. Thankfully, emergency drain cleaners are always a call away. The following are some signs your drains need emergency drain cleaning services.

1. Severe Backups

You may have ignored a slow drain or blockage until it slowly grew into a severe backup issue. For example, when water fails to drain from the kitchen sink, or you have an overflowing toilet that spills water into your house, you need to call for help right away.

Backups can expose you and your family to health hazards if the wastewater makes its way back into your home. You also risk water damage and extensive repair costs. Therefore, schedule emergency services immediately.

2. Bad Odors

Over time, without proper drain cleaning services, waste builds in your drain pipes and starts to decay. The smell might not seem significant at first, but it only gets worse every passing day. Unfortunately, the smell of sewage in your home is enough to make it uninhabitable, and that is why you need drain cleaning services.

In most cases, cleaning, aeration, and fresheners may not solve the problem. Therefore, you might want to call drain cleaners to eliminate the problem.

3. Frozen Drains

Drain and sewer lines are vulnerable to freezing during winter. The extremely low temperatures can affect the contents of your drain and sewer pipes, causing them to freeze. Frozen pipes result in leaks, burst pipes, and severe drainage issues. If left untreated, they end up getting too damaged and demanding high costs to fix.

If you failed to winterize your pipes and now you suspect they are frozen, consider calling for help immediately.

4. Water and Damp Spots in Unusual Places

It is common to find water in your kitchen sink but quite unusual to find dripping water below the sink. This could be a sign that there is a blockage that has damaged your pipes. They can corrode and begin to leak in unusual places. If you have noticed water pooling at the base of your toilet or damp spots on the walls, you might have to contact the experts. They will inspect the issue and find a suitable solution to the problem.

The only way to counter plumbing emergencies is by turning to emergency experts. Therefore, you don't have to wait for the regular drain cleaners if you notice these warning signs.