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Locating Damage Inside A Sewer Line With A Video Inspection

The sewer line running from your home to the city system or septic tank may become blocked or damaged and cause the sewage to back up or seep up through the soil. Inspecting the line had once required digging up your yard with large machines, but some plumbers offer video pipe inspections that allow them to see the inside of the line with a camera before tearing up your yard. 

Sewer Line Problems

The sewer line that runs from your home to the sewer system or septic tank can crack, leak, or experience a root infiltration that causes problems for the homeowner. Often, blockages result in drains slowing or backing up, breaks in the line can allow sewage to seep out, leaving the yard damp and emitting a foul odor, and roots can break the pipe, block the line, and generate general havoc with the system. 

Determining where the problem is can be difficult because you can not see the pipe underground, but using a video pipe inspection, the plumber working on the system can determine what is causing the issues and where along the pipe the damage is. Using this procedure allows the plumber to mark the spot where they need to dig to expose the damage and avoid creating a bigger hole than is necessary.

Video Pipe Inspection

Using a tiny fiber-optic camera on a long cable, the plumber can run the camera along the length of the pipe and see the inside on a video monitor. The plumber will then start at the cleanout on the sewer line and advance the camera along the line until they find the problem. 

Once the plumber finds the problem, they can plan the repair and resolve the issue quickly. Video pipe inspection can also be helpful to inspect the plumbing inside the home if the plumber suspects that is where the problem lies. 

The plumber will use the same cleanout port on the sewer system to access the plumbing system while also advancing the video camera into the system inside the home. Often, blockages or buildup on the walls of the pipe are found this way. 

As the camera moves through the pipe, the monitor tracks the distance it has gone and will display the information on the screen so the plumber can get some idea of where in the system the problem is. If the plumber needs to open the plumbing system or cut into the line, the information can help reduce damage to the plumbing system. Contact a local septic service to learn more about video pipe inspections.