Septic: From A to Z

Septic Pumping Assumptions To Avoid Making

For many homes, the septic tank system can be a critical part of the plumbing. While these tanks can be an effective way of processing the wastewater from the home, there are some assumptions that you should avoid making about this system.

Assumption: Only Commercial Septic Systems Need To Be Pumped Regularly

New homeowners may assume that only commercial septic systems will need to be pumped on a regular basis. In reality, this is something that every septic tank will require regardless of whether it is for a residential or commercial property. Over time, solid waste will gradually start to accumulate in these tanks, and this will result in them having to be pumped to remove these substances.

Assumption: Pumping The Septic Tank Is Only Necessary When The Drains Are Slowing

If your home's drains are starting to slow, this may indicate that the septic tank is needing to be pumped. However, you will want to avoid waiting until this occurs to have the tank pumped. Waiting too long to pump the septic tank can increase the risks of clogs developing deep in the piping of the unit. Depending on the location of the clogs, it might be necessary to excavate large amounts of soil to repair the portion of the drainfield or other piping where the clog is located.

Assumption: A Septic Pumping Service Will Create Odors And Prevent You From Using Your Plumbing For Hours

The process of pumping the septic system will often be less disruptive than individuals may assume. One of the concerns that homeowners may have is that the pumping will force foul smells into the home through the plumbing. Yet, this is not the case, as any odors from this will be confined to the outdoors where they can rapidly dissipate. Additionally, a professional septic pumping service will have the equipment needed to thoroughly pump this tank as quickly as possible so that any disruptions from being unable to use the plumbing during this process can be minimized.

Improper care for the septic system can be a mistake that may lead to major repairs and expensive fees for a homeowner. In particular, a series of assumptions about the process of pumping the septic tank can mislead homeowners about maintaining this part of their plumbing. More specifically, recognizing the need for residential septic tanks to be pumped regularly, the hazards of waiting until the drains slow to pump the tank, and that this work will cause minimal disruptions can help with avoiding damage from clogs or other obstructions.

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