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Signs Your Sink Drain Is Clogged And How To Solve The Problem

When you have a problem with your sinks, you want to know what the issue is. Sometimes, the problem might be with the trap beneath the sink, but it can also be other issues that are further down in your drain lines. The following clogged drain guide will help you deal with these issues to get your sinks flowing again:

Causes of Slow Flowing Sink Drains

Sometimes, the sink drains in your home might not be completely blocked. The problems are often caused by other issues that cause them to drain slowly. These issues are often caused by problems like buildup on the walls of pipes. Sometimes, the issues might be with the drain lines inside your home, or they can also be due to problems with the lateral sewer line outside of your home. 

Clearing the Gunk That Blocks Sink Drains

The problems with clogged sink drains are often due to the gunk that can build up inside of them. Depending on where the sink is located, the type of gunk that is blocking the lines might be different. The blockages are often caused by grease and oil that creates a buildup on pipe walls in the kitchen. In bathroom sinks, this is often caused by soap residues that build up. When this buildup becomes too much, you might need a drain cleaning service to clear the lines. 

Professional Drain Cleaning for Severe Clogs

There might be severe clogs that you have to deal with, too. Sometimes, these issues are caused by more serious problems, such as roots in the lines or collapsed pipes. The worst of these problems will require you to need to have a drain line replaced, but sometimes they can be dealt with by a drain cleaning service. The trick is to get help with these issues before they become too severe. If there is a problem with issues like roots blocking lines, try to have a drain cleaning service check these issues out as soon as possible. 

Preventing the Issues That Cause Clogged Drains

When you need to deal with the troubles that clogged drains can cause, you want to be able to prevent these issues in the future. Simple upkeep and wise usage of your sink drains can help prevent the problems from happening in the first place. It is good to avoid pouring oil and grease down drains. Occasionally you may choose to clear them with an environmentally friendly drain cleaner and hot water. 

These are some of the things that you want to know when dealing with clogged sink drains. Contact a drain cleaning service to get the help you need to deal with these issues and get your sinks flowing again.