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Septic System Cleaning Services: 3 Warning Indicators That It's Time To Pump Out Your Septic Tank

The septic unit is a crucial component of the plumbing system in any home. Without a functional septic tank, you'll experience seemingly unending struggles with wastewater. While the septic system plays a massive role in managing the wastewater from your home, regular maintenance is essential to keep it running efficiently. One of these crucial maintenance practices is septic tank pumping. But how can you tell that you need to empty your septic tank? Here are a few signs you need to look out for.

You Notice a Bad Odor Around Your Home

When the drain field or toilet begins to produce a foul odor, your septic tank is likely to be full and needs to be emptied. Usually, when the tank is nearly filled-up, the gases it holds have nowhere to escape. This causes the smell of sewage to spread to your home and backyard. The most effective way to address this issue is by seeking the help of a septic tank cleaning professional. After the pumping procedure, you'll breathe fresh air in and around your home. 

You Are Experiencing Slow Drainage

The water draining from your bathroom and kitchen ends up in the septic tank. So when your tank is full, the wastewater does not effectively drain out. In this case, you will experience annoyingly slow drainage of water from sinks and bathtubs. 

However, a filled septic tank is not the only culprit for slow drainage. The issue can also result from a clog in the drains. If the issue persists after unclogging the drains, it's time to call a septic tank specialist. They will inspect the tank and advice you on the need for emptying it. 

You Notice Unexplained Lush Areas On Your Backyard

If your drain field is functioning as required, your lawn should flourish evenly. So if you detect some unevenness, something is wrong in the tank and you need to consult a pumping professional immediately. The lush area on your lawn is most likely due to excess fertilizer from an overflowing septic tank. Calling an expert to empty the tank will fix the issue before it develops into an unsafe situation.

When any of the above issues emerge, it's advisable to seek the help of a septic tank pumping firm. Plumbing or septic system cleaning professionals can drain your tank promptly, protecting your home from damage and preventing the foul smell from causing discomfort. Remember that emptying the tank depends on its size and the number of users.