Septic: From A to Z

Planning Tips To Keep In Mind Before Your Septic System Installation

Is your family's septic system in need of a new installation? Maybe you need a new tank or you want to replace the entire system across the board? Regardless of how you will go about it, septic system installations are obviously something that will require serious thought and planning if you want to make sure you get this done right. To that end, here are some planning tips to keep in mind when you start to contact local septic experts to discuss your installation options.

If Your Family Will Grow in the Future, You Should Invest in a Bigger Septic Tank That Can Handle More Water or Waste

If it's just you and your spouse right now, is it always going to be that way? Do you plan on having kids in the future who will one day turn into teenagers who take way too long in the shower? Will you soon have load after load of laundry to do as your household continues to expand in size? A septic system installation is a big investment and it's not something you are going to want to have to do over again in a few years or even 10 years. Think about your long-term future as a family and make sure you get a large enough tank and a system that is capable of handling a higher volume of wastewater in case it is ever needed.

Think About Your Landscaping, Garden, or Other Needs When Mapping Out the Septic Lines

Maybe you already have a septic system installed but you want to upgrade it or change things around. Have you had issues with some nearby trees spreading roots too close to the septic lines? Have you not been able to build out your landscaping in the way you would prefer because the existing septic lines ran right through the area you wanted to build a garden in? Think about the layout of the land that makes up the property outside of the house itself, how your family currently uses that land and how you'd like to use it in the future. You may be able to relocate the septic lines or the positioning of the tank to better accommodate your other needs as a family.

Consider Future Access for Pumping or Maintenance

When you install a septic tank or system, you don't just set it up, walk away, and never think about it again. Septic systems require regular maintenance like pumping when the tank gets full. Think about how easy it will be to access the pump for maintenance or repair concerns in the future and talk to a septic system provider about different options that may keep the septic system out of sight while still maintaining easy access when needed.

For more information on septic system installations, contact a professional near you.