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Should You Hire or Buy Portable Toilets for Your Summer Events?

If you have an event or even a small gathering during summer, you must plan accordingly. In this regard, you have to consider different aspects as the host or organizer. One of the necessary things to consider is the toilet facilities. You might wonder whether to hire or buy portable toilets for your summer events.

Read on to understand the factors you need to consider while making this decision.


While you may want to keep your guests comfortable, you should stick within your budget. If you seldomly host events, hiring portable toilets is a more cost-effective solution than buying. However, if you often hold events, consider buying portable toilets; they are expensive in terms of the initial cost but will save costs in the long run.


A portable toilet rental is a more convenient option because you will only procure the services for the duration of the event. On the other hand, purchasing portable toilets for your events may prove stressful, especially if you don't have storage means in between events. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about storage with portable toilet rentals.

Portable toilet rental companies set up and remove the portable toilets for your summer event. As a result, you reduce the scope of work in your event schedule. portable toilet rental companies also maintain and service the portable toilets. For example, they clean the portable toilets after the event reducing the scope of your after-event duties.


Hiring portable toilets provides various options, including regular toilets, warm water, differently-abled toilets, and toilet blocks. For example, if your event has VIP guests, you can hire VIP restroom trailers. Contrary, purchasing different portable toilets for events may prove costly. For example, you'll have to purchase all types of portable restrooms yet some events only need one type.

However, if you run a big event organization, it would prove best to buy portable toilets that will help you meet the sanitation requirements of events. This move is also cost-effective because you only purchase the toilets once and use them for all your future events.

Hiring or purchasing portable toilets for your summer events has different advantages. Consider the above factors to decide whether you should hire or purchase portable toilets for your summer events. If you decide to hire, visit your local portable toilet rental company to sort you out. Otherwise, search for a reputable portable restroom dealer and make your purchase order.