Septic: From A to Z

2 Variables Involved In Designing Your Septic System

Septic systems are essential for buildings that are built outside a municipal sewerage district. The wastewater produced by the people in that building is still going to need to go somewhere, and that place is a septic system. A septic system isn't a one-size-fits-all type of system. Each septic system has to be designed for the site in which it is going to be installed, even though the septic systems all have the same basic parts in common. A number of things go into each septic system design. So, what are some of the variables that can affect the way your septic system is designed?

Municipal Regulations

One of the first variables in the design of any septic system is the rules and regulations that are set up by the governing municipality or state. Those regulations can include how far the leech field can be from your house and from your property lines. Your local rules and regulations may also set a maximum or minimum size that your leech field can be. Make sure that you and the septic tank company are both familiar with the rules and regulations that pertain to septic tanks. 

Soil Types

The leech field of your septic system is an important part of the system. It is the last part of the system, where the water from the tank filters out into the soil so that it can finish being cleaned and then filtered down into the water table. Various kinds of soil absorb water differently, so your leech field is going to be affected by the way that the soil absorbs and holds water. If you have a heavy clay soil, you may have to have a larger leech field because clay absorbs water and holds onto it, draining very slowly. However, a really sandy soil doesn't hold on to water as easily, and water can filter down through it much easier and quicker. You may be able to have a smaller leech field because of the drainage space. The person who is helping your design your septic system should test the soil to see how the water drains through it. 

If you are building a new structure that requires a septic system, you want to make sure that your system will work well for your house. There are a number of variables that go into designing your septic system that you need to be aware of.