Septic: From A to Z

4 Ways To Enhance Septic Tank Pumping Process

If you have a septic tank system on your property, you probably wonder how to enhance its efficiency and have the tank emptied smoothly. The last thing you want is to restrict your home occupants or tenants from using the restroom because of septic tank issues, clogged drain fields, or septic system damage that need repairs. Perhaps it would help to learn a few things that ensure your pumping process goes as planned. Below are some ways to enhance the septic pumping process and outcomes.

1. Keep an Eye on What Goes Down the Drains

Some items can harm the septic tank, drain field, and drainage pipes. Therefore, you might need to discuss with your family or tenants what not to flush. For instance, things like diapers, grease, chemicals, and sanitary towels could cause severe clogs. They also take a long time to disintegrate or decompose, which increases the rate at which the tank fills up. This will lead to frequent septic pumping schedules and challenges unclogging the drains and drain field. The septic professionals will also spend a lot of time on the same task, which can increase the service cost.

2. Timely Pumping Services

Another great way to improve the septic tank cleaning and pumping is to schedule the service on time. When you let the tank fill up, the solids may block the drain field or damage the tank. The raw sewage spilling into your home and lawn may make the entire process messier. Professionals recommend scheduling the pumping on time to avoid septic emergencies caused by septic backups. Therefore, monitor your toilets and sinks regularly to ensure they are in good shape. Also, consult with the technicians to know when to schedule the services.

3. Watch How You Use the Garbage Disposal

Some homeowners use garbage disposals like trash cans. Unfortunately, your septic system isn't a trash bin and will cause problems when you use it inappropriately. Bacteria in the tank often take longer to break down complex materials like food emptied from the garbage disposal. The technicians may have a hard time removing all the trash not broken down by the bacteria. Therefore, avoid using the garbage unit too frequently and watch what you grind in the unit.

4. Inspect and Empty the Tank Before Winter

Nothing is as frustrating as experiencing plumbing issues during winter. Septic tank pumping during winter might pose several challenges. For example, the technicians might struggle to locate the tank underneath the snow. Besides, the cold weather is not conducive to septic tank cleaning and pumping procedures. If you want to avoid these challenges, consider scheduling the service during the warm months.

These simple tips can make the septic tank pumping process easy. For more information on septic tank pumping, contact a professional near you