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How To Clear A Clogged Shower Drain Like A Pro

Your home's shower is an indispensable part of your daily life, seeing that you need it to perform your cleaning duties. However, it can be frustrating when the shower drains clog, causing them to empty wastewater painfully slowly. Additionally, the smells emanating from these water outlets may be off-putting, resulting in a displeasing and uncomfortable experience. Therefore, it is crucial to employ plumbing services to clean them and ensure fast-draining showers for peak functionality. Read on to learn the pro ways you can clear problematic blockages.

Use Your Hands 

At the start, you should wear gloves and allow the water to empty out completely. If you still have stagnant water after a duration, you can channel it to another working drain. Subsequently, unfasten the drain seal and reach into the pipes using your hand. If you can only get a couple of fingers to access the blockage, thoroughly remove what you can. However, if you cannot access the pipes effectively, you should avoid extending your hand too much as you may get stuck.

Boiling Water

Even though soap clogs can be problematic, boiling water is an ideal remedy for eliminating them. To achieve this, hot water heats the blockage, disintegrating it into a liquid and channels it away. Thus, pour hot water into your problematic drainage system, and if it fails to empty out after a while, the blockage is of a sizeable degree for the hot water to expel. Remember only to undertake this task as soon as your shower is free of standing water. If dealing with a smaller clog, the water should penetrate the blockage and melt it. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Add hot water into the problematic drainage system, accompanied by baking soda and vinegar. Enclose it with the stopple and let the reaction occur. A chemical reaction between the two ingredients will produce carbon dioxide and water. As a result, these products force through the blockage, disintegrating it into loose material that unblocks the shower.

A Plunger

If other methods prove futile in eliminating the clogs, you can employ a plunger. Begin with removing standing water from your shower and detach the seal. Subsequently, add enough water to the shower to cover the plunger's base to facilitate suction. Next, begin plunging upwards and downwards, checking if the water drains. If the water drains slowly after several motions, plunge once more and see if it will remove the clog completely.

Pesky clogs require tenacity to expel them. Thus, you should contact a plumber to clean your drains routinely for fast-draining showers.

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