Septic: From A to Z

Powerful Tips For Maintaining A Septic System

Any homeowner with a septic tank in their yard would like it to last for many years and function optimally. Therefore, upkeep is the most significant means that you have at your disposal to achieve this. With adequate maintenance, your septic tank will perform optimally and you can also avoid costly overhauls. However, how can you maintain the tank to enhance its performance? Here are some powerful maintenance tips that you should consider.

Regular Pumping

This is the most significant maintenance task that you should perform if you want a healthy tank. The standard requirement is that the task should be performed every three years. However, you may be forced to pump it time and again depending on various aspects such as size and the number of users in your home. During pumping, the septic system service professional will remove the sludge and scum that has been gathered at the lowest part of the tank to restore performance.

Efficient Use Of Water

You should do your best to cut down on the water getting down the drain. The excessive amount of water flowing down the drain can be disastrous. It inhibits the separation process of liquid waste, scum, and sludge. Therefore, if you cannot cut down on the quantity of water being used in the dwelling, you should expect frequent tank repairs. 

Keep The Lids Closed

The lids of your tank should always remain closed. If you leave it unsealed, surface water and dirt will penetrate the tank, which can be problematic. Such problems can reduce the life span of your tank. If you notice that the lid is not closing or cracked, the best thing you can do is to schedule an appointment with a septic service expert to conduct repairs. They will ensure that the tank is tightly sealed to avoid external interference with its performance.

Proper Disposal Of Waste

Proper waste disposal is the most significant step you should take if you want the tank to continue performing efficiently. Certain household wastes should never find their way into the drain because they will affect the system's performance. These include grease, coffee grounds, dental floss, cigarette butts, and others. 

With these maintenance tips, you can expect the system to function smoothly and optimally. In addition, the maintenance task should only be left to septic system service experts due to the complex nature of the job. Remember that any attempt to maintain the tank by yourself could create worse problems down the line.