Septic: From A to Z

4 Elements Showing That It's Time To Have Your Septic Tank Emptied

If there's a septic tank on your property, you should perform regular maintenance to ensure that it lasts a long time. One of the essential maintenance practices you should never overlook is septic tank emptying. Unfortunately, if you've recently moved to a house with a septic tank, you probably aren't sure of the warning indicators to watch out for. Check out a few worth paying attention to by reading below.

Water Standing In Your Yard

Still water near the tank's leach field is an indication that you should consider pumping out your septic tank. For example, if your area hasn't been raining and yet water is pooling near your tank, it's most likely overflowing. This usually occurs when the tank is full or if there's a blockage forcing the liquid to the surface. Notably, if the wastewater problem isn't addressed in time, it can pose a significant health and environmental safety hazard.

Wastewater Taking Longer Than Usual to Move

When flushing the toilet or cleaning utensils in the sink, pay attention to how the drains operate. Consider pumping out your tank if they are draining wastewater from your home too slowly. Before you call a septic system technician for inspection, try hydro jetting or pouring hot water to see whether the drain will flow smoothly. If the problem persists, your septic tank may need to be pumped out.

You Notice a Bad Odor Around Your Home

In case you notice a strange odor in your home, consider scheduling septic pumping services. This problem may arise because the tank is full or getting close to it. It may also mean that you have a leakage that needs to be addressed quickly. Regardless of the cause, the foul smell will become unbearable if you don't address it promptly, and you're also likely to receive complaints from your neighbors.

You Hear a Gurgling Noise or Your Lawn Is Greener Than Usual

A gurgling noise from the waste pipe indicates that your tank could be backing up and should be pumped out. Lush vegetation above a leach field also points to a full or leaking septic tank. The only way to be certain of the underlying problem is to call a septic tank technician for an inspection.

Don't hesitate to seek septic tank cleaning services on the first sign of the issues mentioned above. With the help of these knowledgeable septic service experts, the problem will be resolved quickly, restoring your household's comfort.

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