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2 Ways Installing An Aeration System Helps Your Home's Septic Tank

Within your home's septic tank, there is a delicate ecosystem where bacteria help with the decomposition of waste material. In the tank's current state, there is very little oxygen contributing to this ecosystem, which can decrease the rate at which the waste is broken down. 

If you would like to help out the ecosystem within the tank, you could have an aeration system installed. There are a couple of ways that such a system can help the ecosystem within your home's septic tank. 

1. Nutrients and Oxygen Are Added to the Water to Help Both Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria Thrive

One way that installing an aeration system can help your septic tank's ecosystem is that it helps to introduce both nutrients and oxygen to the wastewater. Normally, only anaerobic bacteria can thrive within the tank.

However, once oxygen is introduced, the aerobic bacteria are activated, allowing them to break down the surface waste faster while the anaerobic varieties concentrate on decomposing waste under the pile. As the breakdown increases, so do the nutrient levels. The extra nutrients allow both types of bacteria to grow and efficiently break down the waste material in the tank.

2. Oxygen Helps Dissolve the Wastewater to Reduce the Amount Entering the Drainfield

Another way that an aerator can help the health of your home's septic system is that it can help reduce the amount of wastewater that enters the drainfield. When extra oxygen is introduced to the wastewater, it helps to dissolve the particles, helping to decrease its volume before it is leeched out of the tank.

Once it reaches the drainfield, there is less wastewater to saturate the surrounding soil. This is especially important if you live in a marshy area that is next to a lake or river since, in these areas, the water table number is already high and may not be able to fully contain large amounts of wastewater.

An aeration system for your home's septic system can help boost the internal ecosystem of the tank by providing oxygen for the aerobic bacteria and extra nutrients for both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which helps to speed up the decomposition of the waste. The extra oxygen also helps to dissolve and reduce the amount of wastewater that enters the drainfield, which is helpful in areas that have soil with a high water table number. For more information about having one installed, contact a septic company that offers installation services for wastewater aeration systems. 

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