Septic: From A to Z

A Foul Odor Is Coming From The Septic System

Do you do everything within your power to avoid having guests at your home because there is the smell of sewage in the air? The odor in the air is a sign of a plumbing problem, which might be due to your septic tank being problematic. What commonly causes a septic tank to become problematic is a lack of cleaning, as cleaning is required to keep the septic system functional. The odor of sewage will begin to linger in the air when the tank is too full and has begun to have a negative effect on the drain field. Getting your septic tank cleaned should get rid of the foul odor unless other plumbing problems are present as well.

Where the Odor Is Coming From

There are several places where the odor of sewage can be coming from. If the tank is full, it is possible that the waste is leaking out and producing a foul odor. A full tank can also affect the drain field and eventually lead to foul and toxic waste seeping up through the soil. You will know if the drain field is not working properly if there is water in your yard that smells bad. The water is actually liquid waste from the tank that did not flow through the drain field properly.

How to Clean the Septic Tank

You can clean your septic tank, but it is a challenging task that is better off handed over to a professional. Not only do you need the right equipment to clean the tank, but you will put yourself at risk of exposure to the toxic waste inside. A professional should be hired to pump the waste out of the tank so the task can be done with speed and in a safe manner. You will also know that the tank is fully pumped when a professional is in charge.

When Additional Cleaning Is Needed

If your yard has foul puddles near the tank or drainfield, you need to get the drainfield lines cleaned. It is also wise to occasionally get the lines cleaned before they become clogged. As for your septic tank, it should be cleaned as often as needed, such as more cleaning might be needed for a large household than a small household. As long as you keep the tank and drainfield lines clean, there is a lower chance of the foul odor coming back.

For more information about septic tank cleaning, contact a local company.