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What To Expect When You Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned?

Your septic tank is a container located in your yard. Its sole purpose is to hold the waste you create in your home. All the water and waste leave your home and land in this tank. The tank has a system that processes it, causing the solids to remain in the tank while the liquids filter out. However, the tank has a limit. In other words, it can only hold so much, and you must get it cleaned to empty it. Keep reading to learn what to expect when you get your tank pumped.

Do they really clean it?

Septic tank cleaning doesn't mean that someone will scrub your septic tank leaving it clean as can be. Instead, it refers to emptying the tank's contents. Septic cleaning removes all the waste inside a tank, leaving it empty. You will still see remnants of waste in the tank afterward, but it will be empty once again, providing space for more waste.

How does the process work?

This process involves several things. First, you must hire a septic tank company. When you do this, they'll schedule an appointment. At the appointment time, they'll show up with a large truck. They will pull as close to your tank as possible. If you don't know where your tank is, they can find it. Unfortunately, they might charge an extra fee for locating the tank. Then, they might charge another fee if they have to dig it up.

Once they locate the tank, they'll remove the lid and insert a hose into the tank. Once they turn on the hose, it will begin sucking up the waste, and the waste will enter the truck's tank. When finished, they'll replace the lid, and your system will be good to go.

How often do you need this service?

Your home septic system needs cleaning services routinely, but the timeframe varies. A septic company can tell you how often to get services. Many homeowners need services every two to three years, but you might need them more or less often. If you experience a problem with your system, you might need cleaning services more frequently.

Call a septic cleaning company today

Does your system need services? If so, you must look for a company that offers septic tank cleaning. They'll help you schedule an appointment and will come to your home to clean your system, so call a company today.

For more information on septic tank cleaning, contact a professional near you.