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Here Are 5 Instances When You Should Call a Septic Tank Pumping Service

If you live in a house that isn't connected to a public sewage system, then it's essential that you take care of your septic tank. As with any other system, regular maintenance is critical to prevent expensive repairs. One of the essential tasks is to have your septic tank pumped. Here's a look at five instances when you should call a septic tank pumping service to drain your septic tank.

Regular Maintenance:

Septic tanks must be pumped regularly to avoid damage to the system. Regular maintenance allows professionals to check the condition of the septic tank, including the pipes, concrete, and fittings. During maintenance, professionals will pump out the wastewater and sludge that stays at the bottom of the tank and dispose of it appropriately. This schedule will depend on usage and tank size, so make sure to check with a professional to see when your tank needs pumping.

Bad Odors:

When excess water fills up the septic tank and causes wastewater to stay inside, it can cause stagnant water that releases a foul odor. The smell not only lingers around the house but also affects the environment. Additionally, if you smell rotten eggs or decomposition, it may indicate a gas leak, which is a clear indication that you need to call a professional septic tank pumping service to drain your septic tank.

Slow Draining System:

If you experience slow drainage in your home's plumbing system, it may indicate a clog in your septic system. The slurry of water and solid waste may cause blockages in the pipes, leading to slow drains. A professional septic tank pumping service can identify the problem and pump out the clogs to restore your home's plumbing.

Lush Green Lawn:

A healthy green lawn may seem like a beneficial thing, but it could also indicate a problem in your septic system. If you notice lush grass over the drain field or wet patches that occur, it may mean that excess wastewater is seeping above ground instead of being absorbed into the soil. A professional septic tank pumping service will solve the problem by pumping out accumulated waste inside your septic tank.

Standing Water:

After heavy rains, standing water may occur inside the septic tank, causing significant saturation of soil. This saturation can lead to system failure, which can be a costly mistake if not addressed. It is essential to call a professional septic tank pumping service to drain the tank, as it will prevent soil saturation and reduce long-term expenses on the system.

Now you know the instances when you need to call a septic tank pumping service to drain your septic tank. Preventative maintenance is essential to protect your home's septic system and avoid significant damage. By following these tips, you'll save money and keep your system running smoothly for years. If you have any doubts or need assistance in pumping your septic tank, contact your local professional septic tank pumping service.