4 Reasons To Do Regular Grease Trap Pumping In Your Restaurant

How well does your restaurant comply with health and sanitation regulations? One area you must be compliant about is wastewater management. A restaurant's wastewater is heavily laden with food, oil, and grease particles. As such, public health management authorities frown on dumping restaurant waste directly into the main sewage line. A grease trap is a structure made to separate water from heavier food, oil, and grease particles before it goes into the main sewage line. [Read More]

3 Signs You Need Septic Cleaning Services

If your home isn't connected to your sewer system, the need to have a septic tank cannot be overstated. The tank acts as a reservoir, allowing the sludge to settle at the bottom while other components stay afloat. Though it contains bacteria that help break down the waste, a time comes when the tank starts filling up. When the tank fills up, you need to have the tank pumped. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a big mess sooner or later since the waste won't have anywhere to go. [Read More]

Does Your Septic Tank Require Professional Repair?

Are you having problems with your septic tank and not sure what to do about it? If so, it will help to know the following reasons why your septic tank may require repair.  Odors Have you noticed an odor that comes out of the drain in your home, such as a shower drain or sink? This repair may require putting an additive in your tank that will help the bacteria break down into a liquid form and leave the tank. [Read More]

4 Tips For Ensuring You Pass Your Title 5 Inspection

If you are getting ready to sell your property or getting ready to expand or change your property, you will need to get a Title 5 inspection. A Title 5 inspection is designed to ensure that a poorly managed septic system does not compromise public health. There are steps you can take to improve your septic system and ensure that it passes the inspection. Tip #1: Check for Plumbing Leaks First, you will want to check around your home and ensure that you don't have any plumbing leaks. [Read More]